Sony Special Edition Playstation 4 Fetches $129,000 at Auction

You can purchase a standard Sony Playstation 4 for around ¥40,000 ($340) in Japan, but this special edition is being sold for ¥15.135 million, around $129,000.

Sony last year designed a 20th Anniversary Edition of the Playstation 4, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the popular gaming machine.

They were originally sold for ¥49,980 (around $425), and the units were all individually numbered.

There were 12,300 units made total in the retro gray color of the original Playstation.

What is unique about this one is that it is individually numbered as the No. 00001 unit.

Sony is contacting the auction winner to arrange payment. Once the transaction is completed, the company said it plans to donate the price paid to charity along with a matching gift from the company.

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