The 1952 Tullibardine Single Malt Whisky Worth $31,000

Scotch maker Tullibardine revealed it’s 60 year old whisk, the 1952 Custodian, one of the rarest and most expensive single malts in the world.

The distilling operation was founded in 1949, making the whisky almost as old as Tullibardine itself, it has been casked for six decades,“maturing its way through the reign of King George VI, seen through 12 British Prime Ministers, 12 US Presidents, the moon landings, Concorde and a new Millennium.”

Only 70 bottles will be released at a price of £20,000 or over $31,000.

If you wish to purchase one, you better order one soon because 25 of the 70 bottles have already been reserved.

Tullibardine has worked with French crystal maker Baccarat to make the gold and crystal decanter.

Each person who orders a bottle of this unique whisky will also get an exclusive membership card created by luxury designer Black Astrum, maker of the world famous Diamond encrusted Signature Cards.

A video about the whisky can be seen here:


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