The Amazing Shower Backed by Google and Apple That Will Change the Way You Wash

The American shower company Nebia developed a more efficient and environmentally friendly shower.

The revolutionary shower is currently listed on Kickstarter and destroyed its fundraising goals thanks to Apple’s Tim Cook and Alphabet/Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Google and Apple have been using the Nebia showers in their locker rooms since October.

The showers are touted as so easy to install anyone can upgrade without the assistance of a plumber.

The creators of Nebia have worked 5 years on their design taking advantage of aerospace engineering techniques.

The shower atomizes water covering 10 times greater surface area than your current shower, all the while using 70 percent less water for the average user.

There is an overhead nozzle as well as a handheld wand, why the wand is mounted to the wall, the user gets hit by two directs of mist for total immersion.

The Nebia is also thermally more efficient, meaning it can save you on more than just your water bill, your energy bills can lower as well.

The average American taking an 8 minute shower, which is equal to about 20 gallons of water, the Nebia does the same time in just 6 gallons.

Those who missed out on the Kickstarter backing will have to wait until next year to purchase the device at retail at a price of $399.



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