The Baseball Mitt that Costs $14,600 From Hermès of Course

Hermès, a French luxury retailer has a baseball glove for sale, that costs $14,600.With baseball playoffs coming up, you may want to grab a mitt and head to the ballpark.

Whether or not you want to bring a mitt that costs $14,600 however, is up to you.

Hermès however states there is quite a demand for luxury items such as this mitt.

They have previously offered a baseball mitt in 2011, which sold for a much cheaper $8,500, which Hermès executives has stated it sold out.

With such a mitt you can’t play with just any bat.

However unlike the mitt, which was previously sold out and brought back, the bat has sold out and does not seem available for purchase anymore.

However at one point it was offered at $1,950; an amazing bat crafted out of ash wood with the handle wrapped in gold swift calfskin.

As luxurious as the leather is, I’m not sure even with their large salaries (which we reported was about $300,000 biweekly), that we’ll see any pro players use a mitt like this anytime soon.

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