The Most Expensive Airbnb Available in Hong Kong is a SuperYacht!

Airbnb around the world has become quite popular for travelers wishing to stay either in unique places, or for travelers who are trying to save some money.

In Hong Kong, you can rent a superyacht for a night at the cost of HK$58,000 which probably isn’t cheaper than most hotels in the area.

Currently the most expensive Airbnb experience in Hong Kong, the boat holds up to six guests in three bedrooms, one master bedroom, one guest room, and one “VIP room”.

The boat even has it’s own on-deck cinema.

The yacht, built in 2013, measures a modest 24 meters in length and has 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, as well as a staff of three crew members who come with the boat.

Navigation is an option, with an extra price of HK$10,000.

The boat is located in Hong Kong’s southern district, near Stanley and Ocean Park, renters will be picked up via dinghy from Deep Water Bay.

The rental has a deposit requirement of HK$38,000.

Eric Noyel, the businessman who owns the vessel said: “I wanted to see if there’d be any interest on Airbnb but mostly it’s been from the press and people making movies. The two inquiries I had were asking for special prices, but it’s a flat fee.

“I have a liking for things about shared economies… it’s all about sharing values, sharing asset. I just like Airbnb so I thought I’d put something special on there. I think people are curious.”


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