The Oldest Registered Internet Domain Names

Ever wonder what the first registered domain name on the Internet is?

The first domain name ever registered was

Symbolics was a computer manufacturer headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and registered the domain name on March 15, 1985.

Since going defunct, the domain name was purchased by in 2009, and upon viewing the current website, it looks like they are planning on selling advertising space on that domain, although we are not sure if the plan is still in place.

The second oldest domain name was registered about a month and a half after Symbolics. was registered in April 24, 1985.

BBN was also a technology company providing research and development services.

Most of the first domain names registered belonged to technology and telecommunication companies.

Check out the infograph below pulled together by Jishai  listing the 15 oldest domain names registered:

oldest domain info


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