Turn your iPhone Into a Pro Photo Studio with 1080p HD Video with This Gadget!

Almost all cell phones now have cameras, and people have been using them to take photos and videos on the go.

But can you imagine boosting your phone’s camera?

The DxO One is an iPhone attachment and app that fits in the palm of your hands and boosts your phone’s camera.

The gadget connects directly to your iPhone’s lightning port and is operated through a specialized app.

The standard iPhone 6 camera operates at 8 megapixels, but with the DxO One, you can now shoot at 20.2 megapixels and has full DSLR function including 1080p HD video.

Every photo you take is automatically optimized using DxO’s advanced image processing, so every picture you take should be at it’s best.

It isn’t available yet, slated for sale in September but you can preorder one now for $599 here.


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