Watch A Chess Grandmaster Destroy 3 Players Simultaneously While Blindfolded

Magnus Carlsen is a 24 year old grandmaster, and he played against 3 opponents simultaneously while blindfolded in a timed match early this month in New York City.

The even was put together for the Sohn Conference.

Carlsen’s challengers were Wall Street financier, J. Christopher Flowers, the Chairman and Founder of J.C. Flowers & Co.; Paul Hoffman, the President and CEO of the Liberty Science Center; and actor Gbenga Akinnagbe from the show “The Wire”.

While the challengers had full view of the board, Carlsen had to imagine his opponents moves as they were read aloud.

There was no set order Carlsen had to play in, and Magnus had 1/3rd of the time his opponents did.

But he still managed to best all three.

Watch the short version below, and then the full version under that if you wish:



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