Whats In Your Baggie?

With the popularity of Molly or MDMA rising, like everything else, where there is money, the predators come out.

Especially given the high profile deaths of two people at New York City’s Electric Zoo festival in 2013 which ended up canceling the concerts, do you know what is in your baggie?

A motley crew consisting of a film maker, a web developer, a pastry chef, and an artist go on a journey around various music festivals to test the drugs people think they are buying.

A lot of times, the results are alarming, people think they are getting one thing when they have been sold something completely different.

In a marketplace where the actual purchase of such items is illegal, there is very little repercussion for misrepresentation of drugs.

So plenty people are left questioning “What’s In My Baggie?”

You can check out the complete documentary here:

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