You Can Fly to the Edge of Space for About $18,000!

Not many people are able to say that they’ve been to the edge of space, but you can if you’re willing to spend about $18,000 for the experience.

Fighter Jet Experience company MiGFlug is now offering their Edge of Space Flight Experience.

For €16,500 (Euros), or about $18,000, you can get a 50 minute flight that takes you to the edge of space.

They will take you up in a MiG-29 Fulcrum, and it will reach at minimum 17km altitude, with 20-22km altitude possible dependent on weather and temperature conditions.

You will be so high up that you will actually be able to clearly see the curvature of the earth, with only astronauts and cosmonauts going higher than the point advertised.

See a video of the experience below:

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