You Can PreOrder a 24K Gold Apple iPhone 6S From GoldGenie

The announcement for the next Apple iPhone (the iPhone 6S), is expected to come on September 9th, but before it is even announced yet, you can preorder a gold plated version.

Apple hasn’t even officially introduced the new iPhone 6S yet, and Goldgenie is already offering preorders of the phone for a 5% deposit.

The phone will be available through them in 24K gold, rose gold, and platinum finishes.

Customers will also be able to personalize their phone via laser engravings.

The customized phones will be offered by Goldgenie as a standalone device or part of a gift set, the gift set comes with an accompanying customized Apple iWatch.

If the standard gold version is not enough for you, you can get models customized with Swarovski style crystals on the top, bottom back, sides & the Apple logo.

Also available is a model with crocodile embossed leather.

Prices start at £2,497 with free shipping.



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