You Can Win the Most Expensive Pie (Or Buy it For About $9500)

How much do you love pie? Would you eat a pie that costs around $9,500?

Groupon Australia teamed up with the Lord Dudley Hotel in Paddington to create the world’s most expensive surf and turf pie (A  regular meat pie was made previously that costs more).

Executive Chef Paul Medcalf came up with the recipe for this luxurious/expensive pie over the course of three weeks.

Ingredients include 2 kilograms of Wagyu beef, 2 kilograms of filet from well known butcher David Blackmore, 2 West Australian whole rock lobsters, black truffle, and even German gold leaf.

You can win a chance through Groupon Australia to try a piece of this pie at this link here.

Or if you do not wish to leave things to chance, you can purchase the pie for $12,000 Australian (around $9,500 US) and treat 9 other people (10 total) to the poshest dish available in Australia.

Entries are accepted up until June 3, 2015, and a winner will be selected by June 4, 2015.


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