All-Star MLB Pitcher Owes Best Friend $3,000 for 50 Cent Loan From Years Back

It would be pretty cool to have a best friend that is an All-Star pitcher in Major League Baseball.

It would be even cooler if you loaned the friend 50 cents back in the day, and that 50 cent investment turned into just over $3,000!

Justin Verlander, an All-Star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers grew up with Daniel Hicks.

Well in 10th grade, Justin Verlander was really thirsty and wanted some chocolate milk.

To satisfy this craving, Verlander wrote down on a napkin saying that he would trade one tenth of a percent of his future Major League signing bonus in exchange for 50 cents to purchase some chocolate milk.

Well, Verlander’s signing bonus with the Detroit Tigers ended up being $3.12 million, which means his best friend Hicks is owed $3,120, not bad for a 50 cent investment.

Daniel Hicks and Justin Verlander remain great friends to this day, and Hicks actually still has the napkin contract.

Contrary to popular belief, he has yet to cash it in, as reported by GQ and an older article from the Richmond Magazine.

Hicks however like any good best friend, holds it over Verlander from time to time.

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