Canon’s New $30,000 Camera that Allows You to Take Pictures in Extreme Darkness

Taking pictures in the dark can result in some extremely poor quality photos, but camera company Canon has a solution for that.

They recently introduced the camera, the ME20F-SH, that can see things in the dark the human eye would not be able to, and is able to capture it all in high definition photo and video.

The camera model is able to shoot at 4,000,000 ISO, ISO being the measurement that measures the sensitivity of your camera to light.

The standard DSLR camera can range from 3,200 on the low end, and up to 100,000 ISO in the higher range.

Keep in mind the camera on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only go as high as 2,500 ISO.

Nikon does make a camera with 200,000 ISO, but this camera is on a whole new level.

The camera is expected to go on sale this December (2015), and is expected to retail for $30,000.

This camera will bring new pictures and video opportunities for people who explore dark spaces.


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