Dubai May Build an Underwater Tennis Court to Hold Grand Slam Tournaments

Dubai is known for its extravagance, and to add to it, they may be building an underwater tennis court.

Polish architect Krysztof Kotala, who studied at London’s Royal Institute of British Architects, Poland’s Krakow Polytechnic, and Germany’s the Münster University of Applied Sciences, has pulled together a concept of an underwater tennis court in Dubai.

The concept is envisioned to be built just offshore in the Persian Gulf between the Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah islands.

The arena in concept form has a seven court complex with a rooftop coral reef which would bring sea life in the area for spectators and players to view, it would also create the illusion of a natural atoll.

Building this arena however, may be a technical challenge, as it is being estimated that the transparent ceiling would require a continuous pane of glass measuring at least 108 feet-wide to accommodate the court and spectators, as well as be strong enough to withstand the water pressure in the gulf.

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