Ever Dream of Sailing Around the World? Now You Can! For $55,000

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is offering a unique experience to sail around the world.

The 128 night around the world trip will be offered on the Seven Seas Navigator.

The ship will embark on its around the world journey from Miami on January 5, 2017 and will visit 6 continents, 31 countries, and dock at at least 60 ports of call.

Travelers can book the experience which starts at $54,999, the good news is the fares include all meals, shore excursions and first-class airfare, upgrades can be bought for more in depth tours in certain cities.

The largest room on the ship which is more than 1,000 square feet and comes with butler service will cost $159,999 per person. But if you don’t want to splurge, the regular rooms are quite swanky as well, all of the rooms aboard the ship are suites an 90% of them come with a balcony.

The ship holds 490 guests with a staff to passenger ratio of 1 to 1.4 so you will get pretty good service on the ship.

The trip’s first stops are in the Caribbean, followed by Central America, Hawaii, New Zealand and parts of Australia. Then the boat is headed off to Asia to see Thailand, India, and the United Emirates among others. Following that the boat will go to Europe with stops including Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Gibraltar.

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