GH Mumm Launches the Most Technologically Advanced Champage Bottle

Everyday we are connected by technology, from a cell phone that gives directions, to using smartwatches to see your daily heartrate.

Well Champagne house GH Mumm launched the first connected Champagne bottle a little while ago at the Monaco Grand Prix.

GH Mumm has been a sponsor of the Formula One since 2000.

Inspired by the “thrill and emotion” of the podium at a Formula One race, Mumm states it the bottle is “designed to enhance the celebration experience”.

Alcohol maker Diageo specializes in items that use this kind of technology and Johnny Walker has already used this service with a smart bottle feature letting users know if a bottle has been opened using RFID tagging that is incorporated into the label of a bottle and a corresponding smartphone app.

Well GH Mumm took the idea and incorporated it into their Champagne bottle.

The new bottle uses a sensor chip built into the cork of the bottle and an FRID tag on a label that corresponds with a bar/clubs audio visual system.

When opened, the sensor triggers a response from a corresponding receiver that is hooked up to the location’s audio visual array and in turn will create a very personalized acknowledgement from a spotlight of a table, a chime or some other feature that literally and figuratively shines the spotlight onto you letting you flaunt your style.

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