How Do Leaders Spend Their Time

Ever wondered how successful leaders of companies spend their time daily?

The CMOE (Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness) surveyed leaders across North America from organizations such as Google, Adobe, AT&T and John Deere among others and analyzed the data.

They averaged the time spent daily for each activity and identified the typical time of day certain activities were performed and  the results are pretty interesting.

The average leader apparently are early risers and begins their day at around
6:15 am, with some early risers starting as early as 5 am.

Exercise is an important part of the daily routine, the average leader exercises for 45 minutes per day. It’s commonly known that exercise controls weight, improves mood, boosts energy, and helps you get better rest at night, so next time you think you don’t have time, keep in mind that the average leader spends 45 minutes of their busy mornings exercising.

Most leaders have an average of 25 minutes one way for their commute, but they do not let this time go to waste, they listen to audio books, take calls (hands free if driving of course), read or respond to emails during this time. Completing small tactical tasks and making the most of your time can help free up time later for other things.

Other interesting numbers include spending an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes emailing and texting, almost 2 and a half hours for conference calls and/or meetings, and spending an average of 8 hours a week socializing with friends and family away from work.

Another important statistic is time spent for personal development, the average leader spends 3o minutes a day on personal development, it is important to take time out to improve yourself/skills as well as acquiring and learning new skills.

For the rest of the statistics check out the infograph put together by CMOE:

How Leaders Spend Their Time

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