Lamborghini Unveils the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce Roadster

Lamborghini unveiled the newest supercar to their lineup. The Aventador SuperVeloce Roadster.

With Lamborghini delivering the SuperVeloce Coupes recently, they’ve already moved on to announce and show off the newest model in the lineup, the roadster, topless version of the SuperVeloce Aventador.

The Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Roadster gets a 50 horsepower bump from the standard Lamborghini Aventador roadster, making 750 horsepower from a V12 naturally aspirated 6.5 liter engine mated to a 7-speed transaxle and Haldex performance-oriented AWD system.

The roadster also sheds 110 pounds compared to the standard roadster, the car has a top speed of 217 miles per hour, reaching 0-60 mph at an extremely swift 2.96 seconds.

The hard top is made from carbon fiber and comes off in two pieces which stows nicely in the luggage compartment.

It is rumored to be a production of 500 units selling for $530,075 in the United States.

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