Meet the Professional Athlete Who May Make More By NOT Competing!

Most professional athletes get paid a healthy sum of money, but can you imagine a professional athlete making millions for not playing the sport?

That is the exact situation Anthony Kim, a professional golfer, is in.

Anthony Kim hasn’t played on the PGA Tour since 2012 and is debating coming back or not.

Kim, an ex-golf phenom, has an insurance policy that covers him in the event of a career ending injury.

The policy is rumored to pay $10 million tax-free if he never plays again, a friend however anonymously told Sports Illustrated that it is well more than that, closer to $20 million.

Anthony Kim tore his Achilles in the summer of 2012 and has not played since.

His career tour earnings are $12.2 million, $9.2 million of which was earned between 2008 and 2010. Kim had signed a blockbuster deal with Nike after the ’08 season and his annual endorsement peaked the following year at $6 million.

It is rumored that he can make $35 million with four or good five years, but that is a big if, and requires a lot of hard work and practice, whereas the close to $20 million is much easier and guaranteed.

Kim is said by sources close to him doing fairly well financially, and as a 29 millionaire, would you really blame him for taking the money from the insurance payout?

Would you gamble and try to make more? Or take the safer guaranteed route?

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