Shelby Is Going to Build and Sell 50 Daytona Coupes in Honor of the 50th Anniversary!

Carroll Shelby, famed automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur, is known for his American muscle cars.

The Shelby Daytona Coupe won the FIA World Championship back on July 4, 1965.

To celebrate the win half a century later, Shelby American announced that it will build 50 Daytona Coupes either in aluminum or fiberglass.

The continuation models will be nothing short of the original.

The aluminum models will be built according to the original blueprints, complete with a tube-frame chassis, leaf spring suspension with aluminium control arms and a cold air intake.

The fiberglass version will be upgraded with air conditioning, power steering, and windows.

The cost for the aluminium model is listed at $349,995 and the fiberglass model is listed at $179,995.

Note that this price does not include an engine/drive-train, Shelby will offer a 289-cubic-inch aluminium motor for an extra cost.

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