The Ten Best Meals You Can Get While Flying Business Class

We know that your taste buds and senses can be affected while flying, but which airlines has the best meals in business class? We rank them.

The World Airline Awards compiled a list of their top ten business class airline catering and we break them down below:

10. South African Airways:


On South African Airways you can get a meal like this Chicken in Cape Malay sauce, the airline works closely with celebrity chefs Chef Reuben Riffel and Chef Benny Masekwameng to offer premium passengers a restaurant dining experience.

9. Emirates Airlines:


On Emirates, they serve snacks like this, yes, you read that right, this was a snack on a 1 hour flight, seasonal salad with a tangy sauce along with an Arabian hot savoury selection and an Arabic pastry filled with cream and fruits. A selection of breads was also offered.

8. ANA All Nippon Airways:



ANA (All Nippon Airways) comes in 8th, the meal pictured here is a sauteed tilefish, and “Shizuoka prefecture” small pink shrimp panées with creamy ginger flavored sauce. The airlines is known to work with 3 star Michelin chef Pierre Gagnaire.

7. Etihad Airways:


Beef roulade with pastrami, Etihad offers a “Kitchen Anytime” menu for its business class customers.

6. Qantas Airlines:


Here is a shoulder of lamb slow roasted served with couscous and chimichurri.

5. Austrian Airlines:


Beefburger with coleslaw and kardinalschnitte.

4. Cathay Pacific:


Here’s an appetizer, duck breast with shrimp, before the person who took this picture went on to steak as a main course menu (pictured below).


3. Qatar Airways:


Beef curry with rice, Qatar has worked with celebrity chefs Nobu Matsuhisa, Tom Aitkens, Ramzi Choueiri and Vineet Bhatia to create unique menus. Below is a dessert served on Qatar Airways, ice cream and berries.


2. Oman Air:


Hamour (fish) with saffron-pea risotto, grilled asparagus, and warm tomato and pepper salsa.

1. Turkish Airlines:


Turkish Airlines takes home the award for best airline business meal catering, pictured above is Mediterranean prawns with tomato sauce served with rice and vegetables. Otr if you don’t like that, there’s the salmon dish pictured below.




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