Texas Entrepreneur Makes $10,000 a Month Mailing Potatoes

Alex Craig, a Texan entrepreneur, estimates he makes $10,000 a month from shipping potatoes with messages around the world.

The whole idea is a bit insane, and we’re not sure what’s crazier, the fact that people are buying these, or the fact that he is making $10,000.

Alex Craig’s service, the Potato Parcel, is like Twitter, except…. Potato….

You can send an anonymous message on a large potato that fits up to 140 characters shipped to anyone in the United States for $9.99, or for the budget conscious, you can send a medium sized potato that fits up to 100 characters for $7.99.

Apparently on launching, he blasted the service all over Reddit, and by the second day, he’s received over 2,000 hours.

His girlfriend, when she first heard of the idea, laughed in his face saying “This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”

Well…. Apparently not.

To be honest, I’m slightly jealous I didn’t think of this first.

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