The $104K Hotel Package Allows You to be James Bond for A Day

The new James Bond film Spectre is set for launch soon, and thanks to the Charles Hotel in Munich, you can pretend to be a secret agent yourself for a day.

The Charles Hotel in Munich is going to take you on a chase to protect a highly confidential USB stick from notorious enemies in this adventure.

After you check in to the hotel, at some point, an intruder will drop an encoded message in your room with an iPhone that has a pre-programmed app with instructions to start your secret mission.

You will have 15 minutes to get ready to leave in a black van to the helipad and take a helicopter ride through the mountains.

Enroute you will be served breakfast and then take a cable car to the summit of the mountain.

Along the way you are given several clues in order to receive the USB stick, at the summit, you will eat lunch, and then paraglide, hand glide, or use trikes to get down the mountain, with a short break for a spa in between.

You will then be instructed to head to the casino, but not stopping by a luxury boutique to pick out a dress/suit for the casino, having to find the enemy with the USB after dinner.

After the case is solved, you will be handed a USB stick from the “president”.

On that USB stick? The new Bond movie.

The Charles Hotel is offering the package at $104,333.


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