These Ten Countries Have the Fastest Internet Speeds in the World

Everyone has been there, waiting for that video to buffer or waiting for a file to download so you can use it, but which country should you live in to have the fastest Internet speed?

Akamai Technologies, a cloud service provider ran a report on the state of the Internet.

In that report, they ranked the countries with the fastest Internet speeds.

They ranked them by the average speed of their broadband Internet connection in megabits per second.

Don’t see the United States on the list? They ranked 17th.

10. Finland – Average Mbps: 12.1. The speed of the Internet in Finland improved a whopping 33% over the last year.

9. Czech Republic – Average Mbps: 12.3. Internet speeds increased 8.4% over the last year.

8. Ireland – Average Mbps: 12.3. Internet speeds increased 8.4% over the last year.

7. Latvia – Average Mbps: 13. Internet speeds increased 25% over the last year.

6. The Netherlands – Average Mbps: 14.2. Internet speeds increased 15% over the last year.

5. Switzerland – Average Mbps: 14.5. Internet speeds have increased 21% over the last year.

4. Sweden – Average Mbps: 14.6. Internet speeds have increased 34% over the last year.

3. Japan – Average Mbps: 15.2. Internet speeds have increased 16% over the last year.

2. Hong Kong – Average Mbps: 16.8. Internet speeds have increased 37% over the last year.

1. South Korea – Average Mbps: 22.2. Internet speeds have increased 1.6% over the last year.

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