Watch Jon Olsson’s Custom Built Audi RS6 DTM Shred Through the Snow

Jon Olsson is a professional skier who is also a car enthusiast, his latest creation is the Audi RS6 DTM.

For those of you not familiar with Olsson’s previous cars, he’s driven quite a few different interesting (and fast) automobiles.

Pictures above are Olsson’s Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 respectively, and of course a skier can’t have a car without a box to place his skis in.

Jon’s latest creation, the Audi RS6 DTM was built with the help of the former chief engineer of Koenigsegg

The car had an all new carbon fiber body made from scratch, using approximately 300 square feet sourced from the same factory that makes the carbon fiber for Pagani.

The engine was worked on by Stertman Motorsport and is now making 950 horsepower with pump gas and over 1000 with race gas.

Check out the video of this amazing piece of machinery tearing up the slopes below:


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